The Call to Pastoral Ministry

Called to be pastors, Troy & Stacy received Christ at the ages of 27 & 25. They had attended a local church, Valley Bible, here in Bakersfield Ca. for the first 2 years of their walk with God. They were then called out of Valley Bible with the Pastor's blessings to be a part of the youth ministry at Calvary Christian. They became youth pastors for 2 years at Calvary Christian, and then were asked to serve as Associate Pastors with Calvary Christian for 2 more years. What a blessing. God always orders our steps; the road may not always be easy, but His ways are not ours nor His thoughts ours. Stepping stones to where God was leading us, we left Calvary Christian and became full time ministers starting New Beginnings in 1995. What a journey ! Called, equipped, anointed and appointed by God to do the work of the ministry.


Our First NBCC Fellowship at Home – 1995

We started on our back porch with approximately 35 people. Our house became a church, bedrooms became class rooms, the back porch and dinning area became our sanctuary, praising and worshiping God. We saved all the tithes and offerings hoping to rent a building we could call home.


Our Second NBCC Home – 1996

22nd & F Street became that home. It was perfect at the time, We had a sanctuary, one office, nursery, kitchen, and a couple of class rooms and the price was right at $1500.00 per month. We signed a 1 year lease . . . praise God because we soon grew out of this building in need of another.


Our Third NBCC Home – 1997

Pacheco & Union Ave. It was a real church in need of very little demo; pews, baptismal, and lots of class rooms, kitchen, fellowship hall . . . boy were we excited. Knowing that this building was on the market for sale the owner rented it to us on a 1 year lease with the possibility of it selling. It sold within 3 months and we were out in 6 months in need of another building.

Our Fourth NBCC Home

1509 Columbus Ave. Growing and knowing that God was doing great and mighty things we started looking  for our next location. Being raised on the East side we felt led by God to look on the East side of town. We had looked at several buildings when we came across the old Dunlap’s building which was called College Heights Shopping Center at the time. This building had been vacant for years. As soon as we walked in we knew that this was where God wanted us to be. God gave us visions of this building looking like a church with 26.000 sq. feet of space. It was a disaster; graffiti, broken windows, holes in walls, soiled carpet etc. but we were excited. We called the owner, a doctor out of Long Beach Ca., and asked him if he would give us the building. His reply was that we don’t give property away but he would sell the building to us for $3000.00 a month for 10 years equaling $300,000. What a deal ! He even said that he would mail us the deed in case we needed it for anything ! What a blessing. We started demo and in one month we were having church at 1509 Columbus Ave. We were in this building for 8 years when Lowe’s approached us and wanted to buy our church building. The offer was great. 10 times greater than the amount we paid. We were excited and yet heart broken. We knew if we sold our building that God would have to provide another and we wanted our next building to be in the same area as our last one. Lowe’s offered us 5 acres right out the back door of our church at 1509 Columbus Ave., 2 million dollars, and they would pay for the curbs and gutters. A three million dollar offer. We signed the deal, Praise God…


Our Fifth NBCC Home

Store front building in the same shopping center, College Heights. It was small and we had to make sacrifices. We were in this building for 2 years waiting for our new home to be built.


Our Current NBCC Home

1800 Height Street –  New Beginnings Christian Church. Much prayer, hard work and long hours from a lot of the congregation were extended. Everyone was so excited, posting scripture on the walls, wood beams and cement floors. It was awesome to know that His word was being bathed in the new building. Seeing the new church being built from the dirt up. WOW ! In March of 2008 we held our first service and everything we prayed for and more we could now enjoy. Favor was extended from construction workers, painters, carpet and tile layers, plumbers etc. God made a way. The house was full. To God be the Glory!