The Tabernacle

You may notice these implements placed throughout our new sanctuary.  They are a reminder of Gods desire to fellowship with His people.  In the Old Testament, there were steps for us to come before him clean and ready to fellowship with Him.  The Tabernacle was a moveable "tent of meeting" that God commanded Moses to build.  God wanted to dwell among His people, the Israelites.  He wanted to have fellowship with them and be able to communicate with them.  The Tabernacle and its courtyard were constructed according to a pattern set by God, not by Moses.  We study the Tabernacle  sanctuary.  They are placed there as a reminder to us that God wants to fellowship with us, He wants us to understand the steps that He the Lord laid out for a sinful people to approach a holy God.  


Exodus 25-40
Hebrews 9-13






The central focus of the entire Tabernacle was the Ark, in the Most Holy Place, where God spoke to the High Priest above the Mercy Seat, the area where the winged Cherubim face each other. Annually, the high priest would sprinkle blood on the mercy seat to atone for the sins of all the people. Then the friendship between God and His people was restored.

John 6;44
Ephesians 2:8-9
Exodus 25;10-16

The high priest burned incense on the alter of incense every morning and evening. The four corners of the alter had a horn and a crown, or moulding. Once a year on the day of atonement, the horns of the alter were sprinkled with the blood of the sin offering.

Exodus 30:1-37
Hebrews 9:2


On the Table of Showbread, the priests placed 12 loaves of bread made from fine flour, representing the 12 tribes of Israel. The loaves were a continual reminder of the everlasting promise between God and the children of Israel.

Exodus 25:23-30
Hebrews 9:2




The lampstand provided light in this otherwise dark room. The priests trimmed the wicks to keep them burning brightly.

Exodus 25:31-40





The rest of the steps were performed by the priests on behalf of the people. After making the sacrafice, the priest washed himself at the bronze laver. This washing purified the priest and prepared him to enter the Tabernacle.

Exodus 30:17-21
Hebrews 10:22


God wanted to dwell among His people but first He required the people to offer a sacrifice for their sins. God told Adam and Eve that the result of their sin was death. God however had mercy on mankind and provided them with a way to temporarily cover their sin. Instead of their own blood, God allowed the blood of an animal to atone or take away their sin, making it possible.

Genesis 2:17,3:21, 4:3-7
Exodus 27:1-8