You have arrived on the Practical Preparedness Ministry web page for New Beginnings Christian Church. The goal of practical preps is to prepare for an unknown event in which the usual supply of food, water, power, services, etc. is interrupted. The interruption may be short or long.
Yahweh has directed us to prepare, put the resources around us to prepare, and put mentors in our path to coach and encourge us. He has prepared our path.
Still, you have to take that first step towards obedience. No one can do that for you.
Take another step to improve your relationship with Yahweh.
Do not worry about tomorrow . . . prepare for it !
Tim Snyder, Practical Preparedness Ministry Co-ordinator


Reminder: Practical Preparedness MInistry meets on the first Sabbath of every month right after morning church service.



July 6th & 7th Demonstration and Workship

The Practical Prelparedness Ministry group met after sevice last Sabbath, July 6th. There was a demonstration of dry packing dry food stuffs into glass canning jars, metal #10 cans, and 5 gallon pails. A discussion followed and questions regarding types of food that can be stored for extended periods of time.
The Sunday workshop canned approximately 1500 pounds of dry goods including, rice, assorted types of beans, sugar, salt, mesa, flour, matches, spices, seasonings, medical supplies, baking powder, baking soda, powdered milk, candy, tea, coffee, granola bars, dry mixes for beverages, cookies, pancakes, muffins, gravy, and cheese sauce.
This was the first canning event for some participants, for others it was 'old hat' and they had a variety of items to pack. Those new to preparing found that dry packing is easy and the fear they had of it is unfounded.
Good fellowship was enjoyed and all of the participants have become more prepared than they were the previous week. All are more confident that they can do more, and should do more.