For more than ten years New Beginnings Christian Church  has blessed the Kern County community and beyond with a unique School of Ministry opportunity. Hundreds of fellow Believers have answered God's call to "study to show thyself approved" in a commitment resulting in the reward of a Licensed Minister certificate. Yes, this achievement is possible and affordable to qualifying Believers in our community without having to go away to a Bible Seminary or College.


  • Has God been talking to you, beckoning for you to be involved in Ministry, full time or part time?
  • Is there a passion in your spirit to learn more about His marvelous plan of Redemption and be armed to share with those whom God leads to you His powerful message of Salvation ?
  • If God is speaking to you in this area then it is your privilege and duty to respond to Him in a timely manner.

If you believe that God has placed a call on your life and you wish to be equipped for the ministry, then enroll today. The Ministerial and Christian Development Program is a one year program meeting at New Beginnings Christian Church 1800 Height Street, every Tuesday night from 6-8 p.m. when in session.


  • Upon successful completion of the course, which consist of two semesters, you will become a licensed minister in the State of California.
  • Ministry Of The Holy Spirit, Leaven Like Evangelism, & Knowing God's Voice are just a few of the classes included in the curriculum.
  • No tuition! No registration fee! The only cost for the year program is $150.00 per semester for the training materials.

  • Printable Registration Forms (to be filled out at home and signed 'in our presence' when turned in)


Contact Don Smith at 661-873-1477